photo of Heinz Dip & Squeeze package design

Heinz Dip & Squeeze



Heinz reached out to innovate and develop their single use ketchup packets. The goal was to create a packaging solution that combined the equivalent of three packets into one, offering convenience, controlled dispensing, and less mess. Consumer research revealed that consumers did not perceive single-use ketchup packets as a sufficient serving size, leading them to grab multiple packets at once.


The challenge was to design a package that catered to general consumer behavior and preferences. The Heinz Dip & Squeeze package needed to offer the consumers a choice between squeezing ketchup out of the packet or peeling off the top for easy dipping. Additionally, the design had to replicate the iconic Heinz ketchup bottle shape to reinforce brand equity and create a halo effect around this new packaging design.


Our team tackled the challenge by leveraging consumer research insights and packaging design expertise. The new packaging combined the contents of three ketchup packets into one, providing consumers with a more substantial serving. It offered the versatility of both squeezing and dipping, catering to different usage scenarios. The structural design shape was inspired by the iconic Heinz ketchup bottle, reinforcing brand recognition, and building brand equity.


The result was one of our great innovations for package design. The Dip & Squeeze packaging delivered convenience and controlled dispensing, reducing mess and the need for multiple packets. By offering both squeezing and dipping options and replicating the iconic bottle shape, the design not only met consumer expectations but also strengthened brand equity and created a positive association with Heinz’s packaging. The design of the Heinz Dip & Squeeze was a testament to our ability to deliver innovative and consumer-focused solutions in the field of packaging design.

This project was completed by 4sight inc., now part of Product Ventures

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