photo of Mountain Dew packaging design update

Mountain Dew


This project was completed by 4sight inc. Now part of Product Ventures.


Mountain Dew aimed to create a new bottle design that resonated with consumers’ active, energetic lifestyles and contributed to the brand’s equity. The objective was to develop a bottle design that not only captured the essence of the brand but also offered added functionality, catering to the fun and dynamic spirit associated with Mountain Dew.


The challenge was to design a bottle that strengthened the brand’s image and stood out in the market. It needed to accurately reflect the brand’s energetic personality while offering a unique feature – the “side-kick grip” – to enhance consumer experience. The goal was to defy industry trends and achieve a significant increase in sales through this innovative bottle design.


The approach was to create a bottle design that translated Mountain Dew’s brand equity into a more powerful and edgier expression. The design leveraged a lightweight PET bottle that not only captured the essence of the Mountain Dew but also introduced the “side-kick grip” for added functionality. This grip was a distinctive feature that set the bottle apart from the competition and aligned with the brand’s active and fun-loving image.


The result of this initiative was a new Mountain Dew bottle design that embodied the brand’s lively and active spirit while introducing the innovative “side-kick grip” for enhanced functionality. This edgier, lightweight PET bottle design strengthened the brand’s equity and contributed to a significant increase in product sales. Mountain Dew was able to successfully defied category retail trends and established a unique and ownable brand image with this innovative package design, appealing to consumers involved and dynamic lifestyles.

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