French Style Yogurt Package Design


General Mills leveraged Product Ventures’ Rapid Innovation Week™ methodology to explore new product platform opportunities for yogurt with consumers. Our team engaged with consumers to understand their preferences and consumption of yogurt offerings, while exploring new yogurt concept territories. The platform concept of Yoplait French style yogurt resonated with consumers due to its promise of a rich, creamy yogurt made according to French tradition. Our team engaged with consumers with structural packaging possibility stimuli to bring the concept to life. The glass reverse tapered container was selected by consumers as their preference. This container, as defined within our rapid process of breakthrough structural solution, ultimately became Oui.

Graphics work was done by Pearlfisher.

Rapid Innovation Week™ is a program designed to provide rapid turnaround on priority design projects. Rapid Innovation Week™ takes place over one workweek with key steps of the design process accomplished each day. Monday begins with contextual interviews with consumers. Tuesday hosts a debrief of collected information and team brainstorming session. Wednesday tasks our graphic and industrial designers to define the concept and begin prototyping. Thursday and Friday are dedicated to consumer workshops where prototypes are iterated on based on feedback and research.