JAXJOX Push UpConnect Package Design


Product Ventures was contracted to design JAXJOX’s Push UpConnect — a fitness tool offered as part of the JAXJOX family of at-home fitness products.

Product Ventures established the visual design language utilized in all JAXJOX products and continued this design aesthetic with the Push UpConnect. The crisp arced edges of the Push UpConnect evoke the design of the JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect cradle while the textured repeating pattern on the base emulates the language of running sneakers and provides nonslip grip. The Push UpConnect utilizes the established visual aesthetic to enhance its own feature set.

The Push UpConnect is designed to maximize results. Through ergonomic and anthropometric design, the Push UpConnect ensures proper form, alignment, and wrist position for increased performance and reduced risk to wrist strain. Each of the four handle positions allows users to target specific muscle groups. Consumers can customize their workouts for their needs, such as enabling the rotation of the handle grips. This layer of customization allows for dynamic workout options with one simple product. Each component of the Push UpConnect’s design considers different body types to ensure no user experiences hand or wrist fatigue by maintaining neutral wrist position to reduce pressure and optimize shoulder mechanics.

The Push UpConnect syncs with the JAXJOX app to track performance in real-time, including measuring each pushup, set, and total duration of a workout.