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This project was completed by 4sight inc. Now part of Product Ventures.


Welch’s sought to introduce their new unfiltered juice line, Farmer’s Pick, which offers authentic fruit flavors without artificial ingredients. To align with the product’s premium positioning and improve operational efficiency, Welch’s collaborated with 4sight inc. to design a proprietary package design that would meet consumer preferences and retailer requirements.


Welch’s needed to create a container that visually communicated freshness, allowed for easy pouring, and met the criteria for case and a half pack out on retail shelves. Additionally, operational changes were required to accommodate the unique shape of the bottle and the efficient application of wraparound labels.


Welch’s partnered with 4sight inc. to tackle the package design challenges. The team aimed to develop a custom bottle design that conveyed the premium nature of the product and utilized a new labeling process for improved operational efficiency. They also focused on sustainability by reducing plastic material usage in both the bottle and secondary packaging.


Welch’s and 4sight inc. collaborated to create a successful PET bottle design that effectively conveys freshness and vibrancy. The design features swirling elements and a carafe-like shape, which communicates the authentic, unfiltered quality of the product. Additionally, an elevated label panel improves visibility on store shelves. The adoption of wraparound labels streamlines the application process, minimizing production line downtime. Consumers appreciate the bottle’s easy-to-grip design and its rectangular shape, which facilitates convenient storage.

The label’s new matte finish design adds to the product’s premium positioning. Finally, Welch’s achieved its sustainability goals by reducing plastic material usage in the package design. The new bottle design eliminates 5 grams of plastic, and the switch to a wraparound-style corrugated case reduces the amount of corrugate required.

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