Product Ventures and Energizer Awarded AmeriStar Packaging Award

The Institute of Packaging Professionals named Product Ventures and Energizer the winners of the AmeriStar Award for the Armor All structural design. The IoPP selects the best packages of the year in one of the industry’s oldest and most prestigious design competitions.

The Armor All brand entrusted Product Ventures to modernize their flagship product by designing an improved HDPE spray bottle to help compete with newer product category entries. Leveraging PV’s in-house consumer learning center, the new design was evaluated by car owners in simulated usage environments to test portability, storage, and functionality. Iterative concept refinements, fueled by in-house rapid prototyping, swiftly improved functionality, ergonomics and aesthetic appeal.

“I’m so honored our team was recognized with the AmeriStar Award. Our team did an excellent job capturing the automotive aesthetic in spray bottle form,” said Peter Clarke, CEO at Product Ventures.

Featuring a sleek and functional design, the bottle’s neck fits comfortably in the hand to allow for careful and easy handling. Consumers can apply the finishing touches to their vehicle’s interior smoothly.

To develop this innovative package, Product Ventures took particular care in addressing the finger grip area at the neck. This updated design optimized the ergonomics of the trigger sprayer grip for a greater cross-section of users. This new design fits comfortably in more hand sizes, making the grip less prescriptive.

The AmeriStar Awards is one of the packaging industry’s oldest and most prestigious design award programs. A roster of 15 judges from various segments of the packaging industry evaluated this year’s entries virtually, examining package innovation, product protection, economics, performance, marketing, and environmental impact.

Celebrating 30 Years!

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