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Product Ventures’ breadth of expertise enables us to tackle all aspects of an innovation challenge. Our interdisciplinary team works arm-in-arm in our proven holistic design process to ensure our clients can understand every angle of innovation. Our team addresses shop-ability, brand communication, style, ergonomics, functional performance, manufacturing efficiency and sustainability in the creation of product and structural package design solutions that delight the consumer. We take compelling ideas and bring them into reality as commercially-viable solutions. View our complete services below to see how our process works.

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Brand Strategists establish a clear strategic vision for design development before putting pen to paper through brand narration and visual translation. It is unparalleled in its ability to uncover the key tenets of a brand’s history and personality, capture its core essence in a compelling narrative and embody that narrative visually through industrial and graphic design. In a world of dwindling attention spans and precious few seconds to communicate the right message in a meaningful way, it is more critical than ever for design to be set up for success through the establishment of a firm strategic foundation that translates your brand’s vision into the most appropriate design language.

  • Brand/product attribute identification & dissection
  • Visual decode & semiotic studies
  • Brand journalism & visual storytelling
  • Brand positioning and product naming
  • Visual trend analysis
  • Color, material & finish definition
  • Design strategy development

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Industrial Designers at Product Ventures are expertly trained with both the creative talent and manufacturing know-how to develop solutions for marketplace success. Structural Branding is a hallmark of what makes us a renowned resource for structural package design innovation. Excellent visual communication skills, artistic flair and a keen eye for details are in our DNA. Our extensive team of in-house industrial designers leverage new technologies to provide a value-added point of difference, utilize ergonomic expertise to ensure the best user experience, and apply their ingenuity to surmount challenging manufacturing requirements. Product Ventures does it all with the mission to create a desirable, meaningful and memorable experience for our clients brands through tangible structural package design.

  • Structural package design expertise
  • Implement, package, appliance & POP display design experience
  • Mechanism, componentry & deliverty system design
  • Retail & competitive category assessment
  • Human factors, ergonomics, and anthropometrics expertise
  • Conceptual ideation
  • Photorealistic renderings animations

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Graphic Designers at Product Ventures exhibit a skilled understanding of visual brand communication from a holistic perspective to help create distinctive brand expressions that articulate the product message in a clear and compelling way. Visual Positioning, Brand Identity, Brand Architecture, Brand Guidelines, Graphic System Implementation, and Artwork Production are all important aspects of our graphics services. A brand’s design potential is fully realized when graphics and structure unite and both are leveraged to their full potential. The harmonization of graphic communication, sculptural expression, tangible interaction and functional delivery excites the senses and creates a profound and memorable brand/product experience through holistic design.

  • Brand identity & architecture
  • On-product communications
  • Packaging design
  • Design guidelines
  • Retail & competitive category design assessment
  • Art direction, photography & illustration
  • Global graphic system implementation

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Mechanical Engineers ensure that conceptual designs are optimized and engineered for successful commercialization. Product Ventures believe that creativity is more than pie in the sky ideation; true ingenuity is creating compelling and memorable design that can effectively get to market and to the consumer. With our extensive knowledge of design for molding and high-speed manufacturing automation, we work closely with our clients’ supply chain and manufacturing partners to ensure design integrity is maintained as new products are brought to market. Our engineers are also uniquely trained in the nuances of industrial design to ensure that sculptural intent is upheld as sketches are brought to life and manifested in 3D. With an exceptional knowledge of complex modeling, our engineers ensure that nothing is lost in translation throughout the design journey. 

  • Certified, advanced 3D CAD experts
  • Design for manufacturing & assembly (DFMA)
  • Manufacturing specification development
  • Discrete element moethod (DEM)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Material & process specification
  • Geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T)

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Consumer Researchers with backgrounds in anthropology, psychology and sociology enable us to uncover insights to inspire, focus and validate design. A wide variety of global qualitative and quantitative tools are leveraged to directly observe consumers in their environments of use augmented by the introduction of stimuli created to elicit the most constructive consumer feedback. By documenting current perceptions, need states, usage occasions, beliefs and workarounds, Product Ventures reveals functional and emotional desires for the preferred brand experience. Further, by effectively leveraging the knowledge of our design and engineering experts, our researchers are able to better probe and engage with consumers to solve a given challenge – effectively connecting the problem-solvers directly to the problem.

  • Global research expertise
  • Consumer workshops and digital or in-person ethnographies (contextual interviews, in-home, in-store, at-work, on-to-go)
  • One-on-ones, dyads, triads & focus groups
  • Concept statement creation & development
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Quantitative & qualitative CLTs

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Technologists provide the grounding necessary to inspire designers with the opportunities that exist in the world of structural packaging design technologies. Through constant global harvesting of design inspiration, we scout for new and emergent design technologies, materials, configurations, features and componentry that can be leveraged by our clients to create ground breaking innovation. By identifying brand synergies with suppliers and inventors, Product Ventures proactively uncovers viable technologies and connect them to consumers through design. Our out-of-category search and reapply strategies often unlock the hidden potential of innovations that already exists in the marketplace, which can be a real game-changer when reapplied to a different category. This allows our clients to get to market faster with disruptive and dramatic category impact. 

  • Global network of technology scouts
  • Retail & competitive category assessment
  • Technology & packaging auditing
  • Sample scouting/sourcing
  • World’s largest packaging sample library
  • Materials & component library

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Prototyping Specialists bring ideas to life by creating 3D prototypes which simulate the aesthetics, materials, and functionality of an intended design. When paired with our Consumer Research capabilities, our rapid prototyping provides us with the ability to put the brand in hand for consumers, explore design alternatives, test theories and confirm performance in an iterative manner. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expert in-house team ensure the highest level of craftsmanship for all your prototyping needs.

  • Stereo lithography (SLA)
  • Polyjet 3D printing
  • Thermoforming
  • CNC machining
  • Stretch blow molding
  • UV and solvent based printing
  • DuPont color matching system
  • Full complement wood & metal working equipment
  • Digital plotter cutting
  • Decorative effects (metallics, foils, varnishes, textures, etc.)

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Packaging engineers help supplement our clients’ manufacturing capabilities to effectively drive products to market. Whether it be assisting in evaluating the flexibility of current manufacturing assets to unlock change, procuring new equipment or leveraging our constantly growing global network of suppliers and manufacturers, we are able to provide the expert consultation necessary to drive designs to market. Product Ventures understands the financial investment associated with high-speed and high-volume form, fill, seal production, pack-out and distribution, and in conjunction with our clients supply chain team, we leverage that knowledge to create the cost-effective commercialization strategies that assure the successful introduction of new designs to the marketplace.

  • Sustainability assessments/life cycle analysis (LCA)
  • Global case & pallet fit optimization
  • Manufacturing assessments
  • Supplier sourcing
  • Cost estimate facilitation
  • Unit tool construction coordination
  • Sample production coordination
  • Commercialization liaison
  • Pilot run support

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