Filmstrip of Dial body wash packaging design

Dial Body Wash


“The packaging has been revolutionized to improve ergonomics and sustainability, now featuring a 100% recycled plastic bottle and a cap that contains 25% less plastic.” Product of the Year 2023


Henkel wanted to revitalize the packaging of one of its top selling brands, Dial® Body Wash. Henkel enlisted the help of Product Ventures to premiumize the brand while minimizing the amount of plastic used as part of packaging sustainability objectives. 


Our goal at Product Ventures was to develop a modern premium look and feel that drives brand appeal while also minimizing the use of plastic material. The challenge was to create a distinct and cohesive structural design aesthetic for the Dial® Body Wash packaging that aligns with Henkel’s sustainability objectives.  


Product Ventures leveraged its Industrial Design, CAD Engineering, and Prototyping services to strategically design and define the structural packaging renovation. The team started by decoding package form factor communication possibilities within the personal cleansing sector and identified defining semiotics to establish a structural packaging visual strategy that effectively differentiates from competitive packaging. 

We generated a broad range of structural package design options and refined the selected designs through a process of iterative prototyping, rendering, and 3D animation. We also CAD engineered the bottle and closure for manufacturing production in collaboration with Henkel’s package engineers and supply chain partners, to ensure successful production and greater stability for manufacturing considerations.  


Product Ventures successfully delivered a custom and iconic contemporary bottle design with a sleek, low-profile closure for Henkel’s Dial® Body Wash. The visual design embodies a human torso and is inviting to hold with a non-slip grip and is stable enough to invert to get every bit of product out. The package silhouette conveys balance, and the distinctive warped plane of beveled contours cues the flow of water and cleansing efficacy. The upward flare within the closure geometry communicates an uplifting and refreshing feeling. 

This bottle’s closure is ergonomically designed for intuitive, easy access and provides reclose assurance with an audible click. The new closure yields 28% less plastic compared to the previous, making this packaging significantly more environmentally friendly. This bottle’s material is recyclable and is produced with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic. 

Winner of 2023 Product of the Year.

Close up of new Dial Body Wash bottle structure bevel
Close up of new Dial Body Wash bottle structure torso contour
Close up of Dial Body Wash new bottle cap

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