photo of JAXJOX UpConnect product design

JAXJOX Push UpConnect



Product Ventures was contracted to design JAXJOX’s Push UpConnect, a modern fitness tool that is part of the JAXJOX family of at-home fitness products.


Our challenge was to extend the already established visual design language used in all JAXJOX products to develop the Push UpConnect.


The crisp arced edges of the Push UpConnect were inspired by the design of the JAXJOX Smart Kettlebell Connect. The textured recurring pattern on the base drew from the language of running sneakers to provide a nonslip grip during use. This approach allowed the Push UpConnect to utilize an established visual aesthetic while enhancing its own set of features.

The JAXJOX Push UpConnect was designed to maximize the user’s workout results through ergonomic and anthropometric design. It ensured proper form, alignment, and hand position, reducing the risk of wrist strain or injury and optimizing performance results. With four different handle positions, users are capable of isolating specific muscle groups and tailoring their workouts, including enabling the rotation of handle grips for more dynamic workout options. This design also considered different body types to prevent hand or wrist fatigue by maintaining a neutral wrist position and optimizing shoulder mechanics.


The result of this product design process was a modernized piece of fitness equipment that not only adhered to the already established visual design language of the JAXJOX brand but also enhanced its unique features. This design allowed users to maximize their workouts, maintain proper form, and track their performance in real-time, delivering a valuable addition to the JAXJOX family of at-home fitness products. The Push UpConnect seamlessly syncs with the JAXJOX app, tracking performance in real-time, measuring each pushup, set, and total workout duration.

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