How Consumer Insights Positively Impact Product Design

photo of consumer insight product design

When clients come to us at Product Ventures for design, they actually receive so much more.

Through decades of experience with product and package design, we have developed a unique approach to the design process that provides 360 degrees of consideration for your business’s needs while prioritizing cost-effectiveness and time efficiency. And it all starts with consumer insights.

Leading with consumer insights lets us find designs that are objectively better for consumers and that improve outcomes for our clients. Armed with a tried-and-true research process, we work to create high-quality designs that best fit within people’s lives and stand the test of time.

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Shrinkflation and Downsizing: What to Accomplish (and Avoid) When Downsizing Packages

Shrinkflation, Brand Reputation and Imagination: What To Do (and Avoid) When Downsizing Packages Not long ago, Stuart Leslie noticed something amiss with his ice cream. He was splitting a pint of a popular brand of ice cream with his wife and daughter — something they’ve done many times before — and his lone scoop looked […]

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Consumers Prove Convenience Eclipses Sustainability— What Can CPG Companies Do?

Photo of different cpg packaging materials for sustainability

Consumers Prove Convenience Eclipses Sustainability — What Can CPG Companies Do? Sustainability efforts are a lot like the much-maligned paper straw: Without structural integrity, it doesn’t work. Paper might be better for the environment than plastic, but it sometimes comes at the expense of the consumer experience. Likewise, sustainability initiatives like recycling only go so […]

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6 Great Takeaways on How to Balance Sustainability with Consumer Experience

Graphic depicting plastic materials representing sustainability concerns

It’s Not Easy Being Green: 6 Takeaways on How To Balance Sustainability With Consumer Experience In an era of COVID and climate change, consumers care about safety, integrity and environmental impact. But at the same time, “more than ever, consumers desire convenience,” says Stuart Leslie, Vice President of Industrial Design at Product Ventures. “Case after […]

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Critical Consumer Trends During COVID-19

photo of a consumer covid product trend

Critical Consumer Trends During COVID-19 By Randy Adis, Product Ventures Vice President Consumer and Market Research The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented and instantaneous shifts in our work life, in school, in our families and our personal emotional well-being.  This disruption to the world around us and our lifestyles has caused dramatic changes in […]

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The Last Mile: Thoughts on the evolving role that product packaging must play for the consumer in an e-commerce world

photo of product packaging consumer

The Last Mile: Thoughts on the evolving role that product packaging must play for the consumer in an e-commerce world By Eric Hartman, Product Ventures Vice President Technologies & Commercialization Long ago, in the early 1990’s, a guy working at D.E. Shaw & Co., a global investment management firm, got the idea that he didn’t want […]

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