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Aug 17,2022

Shrinkflation and Downsizing: What to Accomplish (and Avoid) When Downsizing Packages

Shrinkflation, Brand Reputation and Imagination: What To Do (and Avoid) When Downsizing Packages Shrinkflation is the strategy of downsizing products and packages to offset rising costs in the age of sky-high energy prices, supply chain disruptions and the economic fallout of the COVID pandemic. CPG companies have approached this practice in a number of ways, […]

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Jul 18,2022

Consumers Prove Convenience Eclipses Sustainability — What Can CPG Companies Do?

Consumers Prove Convenience Eclipses Sustainability — What Can CPG Companies Do? According to recent reporting by the Washington Post, only 6% of plastics are successfully recycled in the United States. This statistic underscores the chasm between consumers’ perceptions of sustainability initiatives like recycling and the reality: Most packaging still ends up in landfills, largely due […]

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Jul 28,2022

New Work: Plenity Packaging Design

Product Ventures ‘ packaging design  for Gelesis’ Plenity is now available to the public. Plenity is a FDA-cleared weight loss aid that takes up space in your stomach and helps you feel fuller at meal time throughout the day. Product Ventures designed the secondary packaging for Plenity’s single dose pods and the premium unboxing experience […]

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Jun 15,2022

It’s Not Easy Being Green: How to Balance Sustainability with Consumer Experience

It’s Not Easy Being Green: How To Balance Sustainability With Consumer Experience Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword — it’s quickly becoming a mandate for industries that make packaged goods. However, definitions of sustainability (and goals to achieve it) vary widely across companies and industries. A CPG company’s approach to sustainability might not have a significant […]

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