Dial Body Wash Bottle Design Renovation Uses 100% Recycled Packaging

FAIRFIELD, Conn. — Product Ventures’ work with Henkel for the Dial brand is now available to the public. This design renovation of Dial body wash presents a visual language that cues for “hydration” and “the human body” to appropriately match the body wash product contained inside. Our team also created a custom closure that innately provides better efficiencies for Henkel’s manufacturing and reduces the amount of plastic needed for production.

“Now with 100% recycled packaging and HYDRACLEAN COMPLEX, our new body washes cleanse deep while being gentle on skin, leaving it feeling healthy and renewed,” said Henkel in their release for the product launch. “We are proud to be leading the way in creating a more sustainable future for generations to come while providing the highest quality products.”

The most notable design feature of the new bottle is the warped plane found on either side of its waist. The warped aesthetic evokes the imagery of flowing water. It also provides a crisp edge to the side of the bottle presenting a gemlike silhouette that is emphasized when the bottle is filled with brightly colored body wash product.

Beyond the improved aesthetics, the bottle now provides far greater stability for consumers with a design that resembles the human body. The thinned waist is both inviting-to-hold and sturdier while the warped edges provide a comfortable and reliable grip of the package to benefit consumers who use the product exclusively in wet and slippery environments (such as the shower).

The low profile cap redesign provides distinction to the package through its closure in addition to its bottle design. This closure provides a sturdy ledge for consumers to easily open in slippery environments and contributes to the bottle’s ability to be stored inverted. Additionally, the symmetrical design resolves the manufacturing pain point of needing to orient the bottle before adding the cap to the packaging.

More details of Product Ventures’ approach to this project available in our case study.

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