Sean Bisceglia & investor group acquires Product Ventures

Chicago, Illinois (June 5, 2024) – Sean Bisceglia and the newly formed Product Ventures Holdings LLC, a group of veteran CPG leaders and advisors, today announced the acquisition of Product Ventures, a celebrated packaging innovation agency based in Fairfield, CT. This acquisition marks the exciting first step in the group’s goal to develop a full-scale, idea-to-shelf packaging solution that will reimagine how clients go to market.

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Sean Bisceglia

Sean Bisceglia is a seasoned executive with a remarkable track record of driving growth and market leadership across diverse industries. Over his 32-year career, Sean has founded and led multiple companies, achieving rapid market acceptance and global distribution of their products and services. Most recently, as CEO of Curion Insights, he spearheaded a significant expansion, […]

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How Consumer Insights Positively Impact Product Design

photo of consumer insight product design

When clients come to us at Product Ventures for design, they actually receive so much more.

Through decades of experience with product and package design, we have developed a unique approach to the design process that provides 360 degrees of consideration for your business’s needs while prioritizing cost-effectiveness and time efficiency. And it all starts with consumer insights.

Leading with consumer insights lets us find designs that are objectively better for consumers and that improve outcomes for our clients. Armed with a tried-and-true research process, we work to create high-quality designs that best fit within people’s lives and stand the test of time.

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Everything You Need to Know About Great CPG Packaging Design at Scale in 2023

photo of industrial design working on cpg packaging design project

Everything You Need to Know About CPG Packaging Design at Scale in 2023 Take a moment to picture the packaging of your favorite product. Maybe it’s a snack, makeup item, or device. Why does it catch your eye, and if so, how? Do you love its colors or shape? Is it easy to use? Easy […]

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Package Design: Dial Body Wash Refreshing Redesign (2023)

photo of the Dial body wash package design

Dial Body Wash PACKAGE DESIGN | CONSUMER INSIGHTS | BRAND EQUITY | CLOSURE DESIGN “The packaging has been revolutionized to improve ergonomics and sustainability, now featuring a 100% recycled plastic bottle and a cap that contains 25% less plastic.” Product of the Year 2023 Situation:  Henkel wanted to revitalize the packaging of one of its […]

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Meet Product Ventures: Luis Gutierrez & David Clarkin

This interview is part of a series of staff profiles on Product Ventures’ talented staff. Below are excepts from an interview with Industrial Designer David Clarkin and Industrial Design Team Leader Luis Gutierrez. Luis Gutierrez Montenegro is one of Product Ventures’ Industrial Design Team Leaders and has worked for the agency for over 6 years. Luis […]

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Shrinkflation and Downsizing: What to Accomplish (and Avoid) When Downsizing Packages

Shrinkflation, Brand Reputation and Imagination: What To Do (and Avoid) When Downsizing Packages Not long ago, Stuart Leslie, VP of Industrial Design at Product Ventures, noticed something amiss with his ice cream. He was splitting a pint of a popular brand of ice cream with his wife and daughter — something they’ve done many times […]

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Celebrating 30 Years!

Exciting News: Product Ventures is acquired by CPG private investor group led by Sean Bisceglia