photo of International Delight package design

International Delight



International Delight® aspired to achieve elegance, sophistication, and differentiation within its category. Product Ventures was asked to assist in providing a package design solution that went beyond functional improvements to embrace the European café aesthetic of the brand.


International Delight® encountered a package design challenge that required a structural transformation beyond a quick fix. The challenge at hand was to not only address the functional issues of the original design but also to infuse a sense of elegance and sophistication that aligned with the brand’s vision. The objective was to create an aesthetic and functional packaging solution that would elevate the consumer experience and make each morning special when reaching International Delight®.


Product Ventures approached the endeavor with a comprehensive strategy that involved a new structural design execution. This design not only resolved the functional problems but also brought to life the European café aspirations of the brand. The team aimed to create a structural packaging solution that reflected elegance and sophistication while maintaining optimal functionality and usability.


The result was a structural packaging transformation that fulfilled the brand’s aspiration for elegance, sophistication, and category differentiation. The new packaging not only addressed functional issues but also elevated the overall consumer experience. The International Delight® packaging now rewards consumers and makes their daily routines feel special, in line with the brand’s European café-inspired vision. This strategic approach successfully combined aesthetics and functionality to create a packaging solution that stands out within its category.

Ameristar Award

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