Armor All Accelerates into Market with New Packaging from Product Ventures

photo of Armor All packaging

Armor All® is a brand that appeals to car owners who take pride in maintaining their vehicle. They rely on Armor All® to get the job done the right way and with ease. Achieving a high-performance automotive aesthetic on even the most modest vehicles has never been easier. Armor All® wanted a signature spray bottle that would convey their brand’s strong and protective character to the next generation of car owners without alienating current loyal consumers. Product Ventures partnered with Armor All® to help their packaging design capture the spirit of automobile performance. (more)

This collaboration resulted in a fresh and innovative packaging design for the Armor All® brand. The redesigned spray bottle not only improved functionality but also reflected the brand’s expertise and successfully conveyed the spirit of automotive performance. The modernized packaging effectively positioned Armor All® to compete with newer market entrants while continuing to resonate with loyal consumers, appealing to both a new generation of car owners and those who have relied on Armor All® for years. 

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AmeriStar Award Winner 2020