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Armor All



Armor All® is a well-established brand known for its appeal to car owners who take pride in maintaining their vehicles. Their products are trusted to deliver high-quality results efficiently. Armor All® aimed to create a signature spray bottle that could convey their brand’s strength and protective qualities to the next generation of car owners while maintaining loyalty among their current consumers. 


Product Ventures sought to develop new structural packaging that captures the spirit of automotive performance while distinguishing Armor All® from its previous owner and reinforcing its position as an industry leader in automotive appearance. Armor All® wanted to modernize its flagship product, which is a high-density polyethylene spray bottle, to compete effectively with newer competitors in the market. The aim was to create a packaging design that not only improved functionality and ergonomics but also conveyed a sleek and functional design in line with the automotive industry’s spirit. The main challenge was to develop a bottle design that could appeal to a new generation of car owners while retaining the loyalty of the brand’s current consumers.  


Product Ventures collaborated closely with Armor All® to achieve this goal. They conducted in-depth consumer testing in a simulated usage environment, evaluating factors like portability, storage, and functionality. This data-driven approach allowed for iterative concept refinements. Rapid prototyping was instrumental in swiftly improving functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetic appeal. 

The neck of the bottle was designed to fit securely in the hand, allowing for easy and precise application of Armor All® products to a vehicle. Attention was given to the detailed finger grip area at the neck, enhancing the overall bottle silhouette to convey a more advanced and speedy appearance. To align the packaging more closely with the automotive industry, Product Ventures sharpened the leading edges, integrated the handle grip and body, and introduced a break line reminiscent of automotive brake lines found between fenders, doors, and interior panels. 


This collaboration resulted in a fresh and innovative packaging design for the Armor All® brand. The redesigned spray bottle not only improved functionality but also reflected the brand’s expertise and successfully conveyed the spirit of automotive performance. The modernized packaging effectively positioned Armor All® to compete with newer market entrants while continuing to resonate with loyal consumers, appealing to both a new generation of car owners and those who have relied on Armor All® for years. 

AmeriStar Award Winner 2020

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