Oreck Floor Care



Seeking to leverage and maintain Oreck’s legacy of lightweight, durability, and dependability, the company partnered with Product Ventures on a new product design. The goal was to make the Oreck products not only reliable but also desirable to consumers, effectively repositioning the brand in the retail landscape.


Oreck® faced the challenge of transitioning their products from late-night televised home shopping to a competitive presence in modern retail markets. The challenge at hand was to bring a desirability factor to the Oreck brand, moving beyond its reputation for being lightweight and dependable. Product Ventures needed to transform Oreck’s product range and establish a stronger retail presence.


This challenge required creating consumer-focused features and developing a cohesive brand aesthetic. Product Ventures embarked on a collaborative journey with Oreck, building upon their legacy and introducing new elements to make the brand more appealing to consumers. Leveraging our in-house consumer research expertise, Product Ventures incorporated features that were desired by consumers. Simultaneously, we worked on establishing a unified brand aesthetic, ensuring that the entire Oreck product range offered a consistent and compelling consumer experience.


The outcome of this partnership was a diverse range of floor care appliances that effectively bridged the transition from televised home shopping to competitive retail. Oreck’s products became more than just lightweight and dependable; they became desirable to consumers. Product Ventures’ consumer-driven approach and the establishment of a cohesive brand aesthetic created an innovative brand portfolio offering. This transformational product design positioned Oreck as a competitive and appealing choice in the retail market.

Red Dot Awards
Good Design Award
Spark Award
Top 100 Innovations – Popular Science Magazine

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