Nestle expands Poland Spring’s product line after successful relaunch

Leveraging the positive response to the relaunch of Poland Spring Sparkling, Nestlé introduces Poland Spring’s expanded line-up, which includes six new flavors that meet consumers’ demands for exciting bubbly options and alternatives to sugary beverages. The new Poland Spring Sparkling varieties feature flavor profiles that tap into trending tastes, such as the growing appeal of floral flavors. The new varieties include Ruby Red Grapefruit, Lemon Ginger, White Peach Ginger, Blood Orange Hibiscus, Orange Mango and Vanilla Flavor Twist. They appear to be housed in the same proprietary, premium PET bottle design created by Nestlé and Product Ventures for the brand relaunch. (more)

Celebrating 30 Years!

Exciting News: Product Ventures is acquired by CPG private investor group led by Sean Bisceglia