Sensual Structure with New Packaging Design

Published in Package Design Magazine
Snapshots | June/July 2013

By Kara Dunford


Church & Dwight wanted to address a new market with its Trojan brand, so Trojan Lubricants was created. To develop a visual identity for the collection of three varieties of gender-neutral personal lubricants, Church & Dwight approached strategic partners, Product Ventures (, for packaging design and Colangelo (, for graphic design and communication of the outer carton.

Product Ventures’ client director on the Trojan project, Sarah Palomba recaps the design firm’s goals, “The idea was that the package would be engaging, feature dynamic color, and appeal to both sexes through its alluring and captivating form,” The environment of use was yet another design element addressed, “Another key design goal for the product was understanding the environment of use and therefore we sought to make the package as easy-to-handle and intuitive to use as possible.” continues Palomba.

The PP cap is fully integrated into the curved PET bottle shape, assisting with the one-handed-operation design. A luxurious gold ink, bearing the Trojan logo is pad-printed on the front of the hourglass bottle, versus a lamination process, which could potentially get slick. The jewel-tone bottles evoke a premium feel via use of a pearlescent finish. Peter Clarke, CEO of Product Ventures reflects, “The branding on the bottle is minimal so that the structure becomes the primary visual. The form evokes a passionate embrace with the intertwining curves and undulating surfaces.”