photo of Bissell package design

Bissell 2X Concentrated Formula



Bissell Homecare sought the assistance of Product Ventures in the development of a family of bottles with contemporary, relevant, and updated structural packaging and graphic design. The goal was to harmonize the graphics with the packaging while effectively communicating the improved ease-of-use. The new design aimed to reduce shelf space, cut freight costs, and enhance consumer convenience for carrying, storing, and pouring the product.  


Bissell Homecare presented Product Ventures with a dual challenge. The challenges at hand were to design an innovative range of bottles that not only had a modern and updated look but also seamlessly integrated graphics to convey the product’s improved usability. The package design had to be efficient in terms of shelf space, transportation costs, and consumer handling, while reinforcing the brand’s message. 


Product Ventures tackled the challenge by applying their interdisciplinary expertise in industrial and graphic design. They focused on creating a structural and visual design that not only looked contemporary but also harmonized well. The design aimed to enhance the consumer experience by making the bottles more space-efficient and user-friendly. A key feature on this design was the incorporation of a built-in measuring cap which supplied consumers with functional ease.  


Product Ventures developed a family of bottles that successfully met the dual challenge presented by Bissell Homecare. The updated structural and graphic design provided a modern and relevant look, and the graphics harmonized with the packaging. The design improvements also translated into practical benefits, including reduced shelf space usage, lower freight costs, and enhanced ease of use for consumers. The bottles were designed to feature a built-in measuring cap that would reinforce the fresh, new brand message of the concentrated formula. This comprehensive design approach successfully addressed the brand’s needs and improved the consumer’s interaction with the product. 

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