photo of Heinz Fridge Fit packaging design

Heinz Fridge Fit



Heinz® sought the expertise of Product Ventures to revitalize and revamp one of its flagship products, which at the time was grappling with flatlining retail sales. They entrusted Product Ventures with the task of reimagining the structural packaging of their large-size tomato ketchup bottle to stimulate growth.


Through in-house consumer-informed research, Product Ventures uncovered a critical insight: consumers were reluctant to purchase large-size ketchup packaging because it didn’t fit in their fridge doors. Additionally, the existing bottle’s design featured a flat label panel, which provided minimal spring back after squeezing, hindering effective dispensing.


Product Ventures optimized the bottle’s proportions for ease of handling and dispensing, particularly for those with smaller hands. The goal was to elevate the overall consumer experience and simultaneously boost sales. We conducted extensive in-house consumer research and leveraged our interdisciplinary expertise in structural packaging design. The team skillfully revamped the bottle by shortening the neck and adjusting its proportions to accommodate hands of all sizes. This redesign enhanced the packaging’s versatility, making it better suited for refrigerators and more efficient for ketchup dispensing.


Product Ventures produced a successful structural packaging redesign that significantly improved the overall consumer experience and addressed the challenges faced by Heinz®. The new Fridge Fit™ large-size packaging was well-received by consumers, prompting over 50% of U.S. retailers to move large-size ketchup bottles from the bottom shelf to eye level. This move contributed to a substantial increase in the large-size share of consumption, growing from 48% to 72%. The redesign not only enhanced the practicality of the packaging but also had a positive impact on product sales and market visibility.

Dupont Gold Award
Ameristar Award

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