photo of Dr Scholls product and package design

Dr. Scholl’s Active Series



Merck sought the assistance of Product Ventures to introduce their new premium athletic line of Dr. Scholl’s® insoles. They required an innovative package design and appealing graphic displays to effectively showcase these products. This collaboration enhanced the visual appeal of their insoles while successfully conveying the unique triple zone protection technology that included improved cushioning, arch support, and impact absorption.


Product Ventures’ task was to create an appealing and informative package design and display solution that could effectively communicate the advanced features of Dr. Scholl’s® insoles. The challenge was to visually represent the insole’s triple zone protection technology using color and graphics while maintaining a cohesive design.


Product Ventures employed a thorough approach, blending an interdisciplinary expertise in industrial design and graphic design to create a visually appealing and informative packaging and display experience. We developed a fashionable insole aesthetic and an interactive package and display that could effectively communicate the triple zone protection technology to consumers.


Product Ventures successfully delivered a comprehensive package design solution that enhanced the presentation of Dr. Scholl’s® premium athletic insoles. A new sub-brand identity was established, incorporating a vibrant color palette, textural patterns, in-use black and white photography, and product feature benefit callouts. Industrial designers and graphic designers collaborated closely to ensure a seamless alignment between the product, structural packaging, and point of purchase (POP) displays, resulting in a dynamic and cohesive experience that stands out to consumers.

The new packaging and displays effectively conveyed the triple zone protection technology through a harmonious combination of color, graphics, and product information. The sub-brand identity and design elements created a dynamic and cohesive shopping experience, enabling consumers to easily understand and engage with the product. This approach ensured that the premium insoles popped off the shelves and effectively communicated their advanced features to consumers.

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