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Duracell EasyTab



Duracell was losing market share within the hearing aid battery category due to generic packaging and lower-priced competitors. They enlisted the help of Product Ventures to develop and design an innovative structural package design to revamp their EasyTab hearing aid batteries.


The predominant issue faced by hearing aid wearers revolves around the difficulties encountered when dispensing and replacing batteries. Ethnographies were conducted with consumers ages 55+ who were experiencing failing eyesight and reduced dexterity.

Our challenge at Product Ventures was to address the general usability issues associated with the existing packaging of hearing aid batteries. The existing packaging was not suitable for storage or portability and did not cater to the needs of the target demographic, which includes individuals with visual impairments and/or joint pain.


Product Ventures aimed to develop a cost-effective and ergonomic packaging solution that would make it easy for users to dispense and insert batteries into their hearing aids. To meet this challenge, we devised an innovative delivery system tailored specifically to the needs of the hearing aid user group. The battery was designed with a rigid, color-coded tab that served multiple purposes. It acted as a tool for effortlessly inserting the battery into the hearing aid. Secondly, it ensured an airtight seal, prolonging the battery’s shelf life. Finally, the tab provided a visual identifier for easily identifying the specific battery size.


Our new design solution provided hearing aid owners with a user-friendly and efficient method for dispensing and replacing batteries. The color-coded tab not only facilitated easy insertion into the hearing aid but also helped users identify the battery size immediately. This innovative packaging design improved the overall consumer experience, making it more convenient and accessible for individuals with visual impairments and/or joint pain.

American Society on Aging Award
Medical Design Excellence Award
Good Design Award

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