photo of Heinz Fridge Fit packaging design

Heinz Fridge Fit


With retail sales flat, Heinz® turned to Product Ventures to drive growth via structural packaging redesign. By leveraging consumer-informed research methodologies, Product Ventures uncovered a key insight:  consumers weren’t buying large size ketchup packaging, because it didn’t fit in the fridge door. The existing bottle also had a flat label panel providing little to no spring back after squeezing, preventing effective dispensing. To solve these issues for consumers, Product Ventures redesigned the bottle to establish optimal proportions for handling and dispensing by shortening the neck and reproportioning the bottle for even the smallest of hands. As a result of the positive consumer acceptance of the new Fridge Fit™ large size packaging over 50% of US retailers moved large sizes from bottom shelf to eye level, driving large size share of consumption from 48% to 72%.

Dupont Gold Award
Ameristar Award

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