photo of JaxJox Bottle package design

JAXJOX Sport Water Bottle



Product Ventures was enlisted by JAXJOX with designing a grip-point activated Sport Water Bottle, aligning its design with the existing design language of their Interactive Fitness Studio.


Our goal was to create fitness gear that was approachable, ergonomic, and departed from the clunky, overtly masculine, and intimidating appearance of traditional fitness gear. The challenge was to create a piece of fitness equipment that would be inviting, user-focused, and distinct from the intimidating designs of yesterday’s gear.


Product Ventures developed a design that departed from the conventional looks of fitness equipment and embraced a more approachable and attractive aesthetic. The JAXJOX Sport Water Bottle features an ergonomic grip and a no-hassle flip-cap that can be easily activated with the touch of a button. This design not only matches the design language of their Interactive Fitness Studio but also offers a user-friendly experience that encourages consumers to stay fit and engaged during hydration breaks.


The outcome was a water bottle that combined a modern and user-focused design with sleek aesthetic. This bottle’s ergonomic grip and easy-to-use flip-cap provided an inviting and user-friendly experience, departing from the intimidating designs of traditional fitness gear. This design aligned with JAXJOX’s mission of creating modern fitness gear that was more approachable and user-focused, promoting a healthier and more engaging experience.

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Exciting News: Product Ventures is acquired by CPG private investor group led by Sean Bisceglia