photo of Cambio Roasters sustainable packaging design

Cambio Roasters Coffee Pods


“Cambio realizes that our coffee not only needs to taste amazing and have a real value for our customers, but the packaging also needs to be a blockbuster innovation in and of itself. The Product Ventures team embraced our dream of building the coolest K-Cup® brand in the country and they delivered in spades! Fortunately, both the customers and retailers love it.”

Ann Hutson, Co-Founder of Cambio Roasters


Cambio Roasters introduced an innovative line of planet and people-friendly coffee K-Cups®. To visually convey their brand mission and differentiate their product in the competitive K-Cup® market, Cambio Roasters partnered with Product Ventures to develop a retail packaging solution.


Product Ventures was tasked with creating an easy-to-use and sustainable packaging design. The challenge was to design a packaging solution that would effectively communicate Cambio’s sustainability initiatives and create a unique retail presence for their K-Cups®. The packaging design needed to align with their values and support their brand’s promise of being eco-friendly and socially responsible.


Product Ventures addressed this task by selecting a packaging material made of biodegradable molded pulp.

“We wanted to use molded pulp for its recyclable and compostable properties, but we chose a molded pulp with a rough texture to emphasize an earthen feel to convey this farm-to-table vibe,” said Peter Clarke, CEO and Founder.

The newly designed packaging incorporated a paperboard sleeve that served as a tamper-evident band and lists product information. Beneath the paperboard sleeve, a sticker on the molded pulp provided product details, ensuring information was accessible even if the paperboard was recycled. Upon opening the packaging, consumers were greeted with a card detailing the brand’s mission, information on coffee bean origins, and the farmers behind the crop. These information cards both secured the pods in place and informed consumers about the positive impact of their purchase on the planet and coffee farmers.


Product Ventures successfully delivered a packaging design that not only conveyed Cambio’s commitment to sustainability but also created a memorable retail experience for consumers. The rough-textured molded pulp and informative cards showcase the brand’s mission and help differentiate the product against competitors on the shelf. The packaging efficiently holds up to 27 coffee pods in a space-saving container suitable for storage on kitchen counters or in pantry cabinets. When it’s time for disposal, the eco-friendly package can be easily recycled or composted. This design effectively communicated Cambio Roasters’ brand values and provided a unique and delightful retail experience for consumers. These recyclable pods support coffee farmers while also delivering exceptional quality coffee.

This project was named Best Package Design 2021 by Design Rush.

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