photo of Cambio Roasters sustainable packaging design

Cambio Roasters Coffee Pods


“Cambio realizes that our coffee not only needs to taste amazing and have a real value for our customers, but the packaging also needs to be a blockbuster innovation in and of itself. The Product Ventures team embraced our dream of building the coolest K-Cup® brand in the country and they delivered in spades! Fortunately, both the customers and retailers love it.”

Ann Hutson, Co-Founder of Cambio Roasters

Cambio Roasters launched a new, one-of-a-kind line of exceptional tasting coffee K-Cups® that are both planet- and people-friendly. Cambio pods are recyclable, packaged with wind power, support coffee farmers, and packed with the world’s finest coffees. To prepare for their expansion, Cambio Roasters invited Product Ventures to help visually translate their brand mission into a retail package that will stand out from the crowd of K-Cups®. Product Ventures worked with Cambio to develop an easy to use and sustainable packaging design.

To showcase the brand’s sustainability mission, Product Ventures decided on a package made out of biodegradable molded pulp.

“We wanted to use molded pulp for its recyclable and compostable properties, but we chose a molded pulp with a rough texture to emphasize an earthen feel to convey this farm-to-table vibe,” said Peter Clarke, CEO and founder.

A paperboard sleeve lists the product flavor and is a tamper-evident band. Underneath the paperboard, a sticker on the molded pulp lists the product details in case the paperboard is recycled. When the debossed Cambio branded plug lid is removed, the consumer is greeted with a card on top detailing the brand mission, information on the coffee bean origins, and the farmers who produced this crop. These product information cards sit on top and between the pod layers to help prevent the pods from moving around inside the package, while also informing consumers how their purchase is helping the planet.

 “One of the challenges with developing this package design was ensuring the draft angle on the package would allow it to be safely removed from the mold without limiting the amount of coffee pods that could fit inside,” said Eric Hartman, Vice President of Technologies and Commercialization.

Each package can carry up to 27 coffee pods in a space efficient container that can easily fit on a kitchen counter or inside a pantry cabinet. When ready for disposal, this eco-friendly package can either be recycled or composted.

The Product Ventures team developed a package design that communicated the wholesome goodness that Cambio does for the planet and consumers, while also standing out on the shelf, and offering a surprise and delight experience.

This project was named Best Package Design 2021 by Design Rush.

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