photo of Planters Peanuts package design



“Our new packaging allows us to truly stand out with a unique ‘shell’ that is just as premium and satisfying as the Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts housed within.”

-Allie Abney, Associate Brand Manager, Hormel Foods.

Product Ventures’ work for Planters focused on designing a new 16oz PET container for Planters’ dry roasted peanuts — the highest volume seller of the Planters portfolio. This project required an expedited design process that would typically take a year’s worth of work to be finished within six months. Our work on this project leveraged Product Ventures’ history in reliably providing actionable innovation for major brands on a tight deadline.

One of the primary accomplishments of this packaging renovation was conveying the peanut brand equity within the packaging. The final design included a slim center and tapered top and bottom — evoking the image of a peanut. This tapered design provided an easy-to-hold container without compromising the packaging’s stability when placed upright (or when passed quickly on a manufacturing line).

The brand equity was further strengthened through a label redesign which reduced the size of the label and allowed consumers to see more of the peanut product in the container. Even with the plastic material, Product Ventures’ design reduced the overall amount of plastic used in each container resulting in more than 220 tons of plastic saved each year (a fact that is now printed on the side of each container).

The final design presents iconic packaging that strengthens the Planters’ brand equity while achieving sustainability goals for our client and providing an enhanced consumer experience.

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