photo of Planters Peanuts package design



“Our new packaging allows us to truly stand out with a unique ‘shell’ that is just as premium and satisfying as the Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts housed within.”

-Allie Abney, Associate Brand Manager, Hormel Foods.


Planters sought the assistance of Product Ventures to redesign the existing 16oz PET container for their best-selling product, Dry Roasted Peanuts. This project required us to complete a year’s worth of work in just six months, which required an expedited design process. Our success on this project was built on Product Ventures’ track record of delivering actionable innovation for major brands within tight deadlines.


The challenge was to create a new structural packaging design that not only met the tight deadline but also effectively conveyed the brand equity of Planters’ peanuts. The goal was to check all the boxes and to design a container that was easy to hold, stable, and visually represented the essence of a peanut while reducing the overall use of plastic materials.


Product Ventures approached this by leveraging their expertise in innovative design under tight timelines. We focused on conveying the peanut brand equity within the packaging. The final design incorporated a slim center and tapered top and bottom, evoking the image of a peanut. This design ensured ease of handling and stability without compromising efficiency in the manufacturing line.

The brand equity was further enhanced through a label redesign, reducing label size to allow consumers to see more of the peanut product inside. Product Ventures’ design reduced the overall plastic usage in each container, resulting in a significant reduction of over 220 tons of plastic saved per year. This achievement is proudly displayed on each container.


The result was an iconic packaging design that not only strengthened Planters’ brand equity but also aligned with sustainability goals, saving more than 220 tons of plastic each year. The design provided an enhanced consumer experience, offering an easy-to-hold and visually appealing container that effectively conveyed the essence of peanuts. This project demonstrated Product Ventures’ ability to deliver innovative solutions even under tight deadlines, providing a valued sustainable packaging solution for Planters Peanuts.

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