photo of Bud Light packaging design

Bud Light Cool Twist



Anheuser-Busch sought to reimagine the packaging design for Bud Light®, moving away from the classic long neck glass bottle. In this endeavor, they collaborated with Product Ventures to explore a new innovative aluminum bottle design that would offer a fresh and contemporary look to the already iconic brand.  


The challenge involved developing an aluminum bottle design that could capture the essence of Bud Light® while embracing a more contemporary structure. This transition from glass to aluminum needed to be well-received by consumers, and the design had to convey clean, honest confidence. The task was to create a consumer-preferred modern aesthetic that showcased proportions and transitions in line with a metal vernacular, departing from the traditional glass structure. 


Product Ventures approached the project by conducting digital ethnographies and in-depth consumer research to gain insights into consumer preferences. The packaging design team then leveraged this gathered knowledge to craft a new aluminum bottle design. This innovative design featured taller shoulders, crisper angles, and tighter radii, all transitioning into a shortened neck, creating a structure that embodied a modern and confident look, distinct from the classic glass bottle design. 


The result of this collaboration was a consumer-preferred modern design for Bud Light®. The aluminum bottle design embodied proportions and transitions with a metal vernacular, offering a fresh and contemporary look to the brand. The taller shoulders, crisper angles, and shorter neck, along with a more pronounced metal aesthetic, contributed to a design that conveyed clean and honest confidence. This new aluminum bottle design successfully modernized the Bud Light® packaging, aligning with consumer expectations and brand aspirations. 

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