Juicy Drop Remix



Bazooka Candy, a leader in edible entertainment in the candy industry, recognized the necessity to breathe new life into its Juicy Drop brand to engage consumers in a more interactive and enjoyable package design with the introduction of Juicy Drop Remix. The brand sought the expertise of Product Ventures to innovate the packaging while upholding alignment with Bazooka Candy’s core brands.


The foremost objective for Product Ventures was to craft a fun and interactive packaging solution that empowered consumers to personalize their sweet and sour candy experience with Juicy Drop Remix, a one-of-a-kind, dual-compartment dispenser.


Product Ventures embraced a holistic approach for this candy dispenser design project. The impetus behind the candy dispenser stemmed from the aspiration to elevate the Juicy Drop consumer experience. The aim was to provide consumers with a playful and customizable candy adventure, mirroring the brand’s reputation for edible entertainment. The pivotal innovation was a dual-compartment dispenser. Shifting to the left granted access to sweet chewy candies, while a shift to the right revealed sour chewy candies. This feature allowed users to mix up the amount of sweet and sour chewy pieces in every bite, introducing elements of surprise and delight.

The candy dispenser underwent a detailed design process to ensure it was visually appealing and engaging. Vibrant colors and clear graphics were employed to create a visually engaging and instantly recognizable package design. Ergonomics stood at the forefront of our design considerations. We ensured the dispenser boasted an ergonomic grip, ensuring ease of use and comfort in handling. Through iterative prototyping and user testing, we refined the design to ensure it was user-friendly, enjoyable, and functional. The package design was purposefully constructed for straightforward dispensing. Also featuring a secure closure system, keeping the product fresh long after opening the plastic seal.


The Juicy Drop Remix candy dispenser brought about a more innovative and fun-to-use package design for the candy consumer experience. It introduced a one-of-a-kind interactive platform for consumers to customize their sweet and sour candy escapade, seamlessly aligning with the brand’s fun identity. The dispenser combines visual allure, ergonomic design, and influenced by the brand’s playful reputation, served as an extension of the Juicy Drop experience.

With this candy dispenser design, Bazooka Candy effectively maintained their presence in the growing trend of interactive and customizable consumer experiences, unlocking fresh avenues for engagement. This candy dispenser project serves as a compelling illustration of industrial design and innovation in the candy industry. It seamlessly integrated entertainment and interactivity with a functional and ergonomic packaging solution, further cementing Juicy Drop’s position as a pioneer in edible entertainment within the candy market.

Introducing Juicy Drop® Remix – the latest, breakthrough way to mix up your candy experience from Bazooka Candy Brands!

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