photo of Nestle Sparkling Water package design

Nestlé Sparkling Water


“Nearly nine months since launching its new sparkling water portfolio across its six regional spring water brands, Nestlé Waters North America has roughly doubled its household penetration compared to the same time last year.”

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Nestlé Waters North America, a leading beverage company, aimed to introduce a premium bottle design for its regional spring water brands to enter the sparkling water category. Building on their expertise with premium brands like Perrier® and S.Pellegrino®, Nestlé sought to leverage their brand loyalty and offer Americans a refreshed line of sparkling spring waters with a wider range of flavors and packaging options.


Nestlé Waters NA partnered Product Ventures to create an innovative bottle design that could effectively represent the effervescence of sparkling water and enhance consumer grip. The challenge was to develop a new proprietary PET bottle design that embodies the essence of the product and stands out against competitors within the category.


Product Ventures and Nestlé embarked on a creative journey that involved a comprehensive visual brand analysis and foundational consumer insights. This research informed the ideation process, leading to a robust industrial design exploration. Consumer feedback was integral in developing a structural design that captured the unique qualities of the product. Product Ventures conducted tests within their in-house ‘Blue-Sky’ consumer learning center, simulating both retail and home environments to gather consumer feedback and fine-tune the concept’s packaging.


Nestle Water’s new proprietary PET bottle design showcases the movement of sparkling bubbles through an innovative upward spiral design while providing an enhanced grip for consumers. Nestlé Waters NA planned its largest-ever campaign launch, which began in February 2018 with a significant focus on television marketing. This redesign positions Nestlé to offer consumers an updated range of sparkling spring waters with a variety of flavors and packaging choices, leveraging their proficiency in the sparkling beverage market and their brand loyalty in regional spring water brands.

Peter Clarke, Founder and CEO of Product Ventures, stated, “Translating the effervescence of the product into the silhouette of the package with an optically & tactilely exciting texture creates an evocative and compelling design that is truly unique to the category.”

photo of Nestle Sparkling Water package design

Graphics by Cornerstone Strategic Branding

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