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PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay Division aimed to launch a highly innovative product in the snack-food category – Doritos Crunch Nuts and Doritos Crunch Mix. They wanted to create visually striking and product-differentiating packaging to make a significant shelf impact. These new Doritos offerings were inspired by the iconic triangle-shaped Doritos tortilla chips.


The challenge was to design packaging that not only stood out on the shelf but also provided convenience to consumers. The packaging needed to showcase the unique multidimensional aspects of the products and allow for easy opening and reclosing for snack sessions throughout the day.


Product Ventures was instrumental in developing the new structural package design. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Doritos triangle shape, they designed a sturdy, portable packaging solution. The package featured a shaped paperboard container with an inner barrier liner, offering both structural integrity and product protection. Printed graphics on the packaging guided consumers on how to reclose the pack by tucking a corner into a slot on the package. This design approach aimed to create an instantly recognizable and user-friendly package.


The new packaging for Doritos Crunch Nuts and Doritos Crunch Mix successfully achieved a high shelf impact and product differentiation. The multidimensional packaging not only attracted consumers’ attention but also provided convenience with its easy-to-open and reclose design. The work by Product Ventures, in collaboration with PepsiCo’s R&D Snacks Packaging group, contributed to the successful launch of these innovative snack products. The packaging’s unique design added another snacking dimension for consumers and provided on-the-go snack options.

“Beyond the nostalgic flavor, the packaging of both products is also rather endearing. The geometrically scored paper pouches fold open easily once you rip off the top strip, they stand up on their own, and they even fold closed once again thanks to a slot that’s meant to have one of the open corners tucked into it. Each three-ounce package is about two serving sizes, so these Doritos products aren’t nearly as overwhelming or easy to overindulge in as a Family Size bag of chips.”

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“The shaped paperboard container—with an inner barrier liner that appears to be foil-based—includes printed graphics that show consumers how to reclose the pack by tucking a corner into a slot on the package.”

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photo of Doritos Nuts & Mix package design

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