photo of Similac SimplePac package design

Similac SimplePac


Similac® partnered with Product Ventures to leverage its consumer research and package design expertise to design their new pediatric formula packaging.  The existing ubiquitous can lacked the ability for the brand to effectively differentiate.  The vital measuring scoop was buried within the sticky powdered formula as a result of the canning process, and consumers had difficulty in handling and getting the last bit of product out.  

Through extensive ethnographic research, consumer workshops, industrial design and iterative prototyping, Product Ventures identified consumer-desired packaging features that effectively “lend mom a hand.”  The new Similac SimplePac™ was a breakthrough package solution that enables one-handed use with its incorporated grip and hinged lid.  The container is proportioned for efficient storage & handling and the corners are thoughtfully rounded to match the contour of the scoop – enabling the consumer to get those last bits of formula.   Built into the lid is an intuitive scoop holster so moms avoid sticky fingers digging for the scoop.  The SimplePac was a packaging revolution setting a new standard in the pediatric formula category.

Ameristar Award – Best of Show

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