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Similac SimplePac



Similac®, a prominent brand in pediatric formula, aimed to enhance the package design of their product. They partnered with Product Ventures to transform the structural packaging of their nutritional baby formula.


Product Ventures’ objective was to redesign Similac’s® pediatric formula packaging, creating a modern, user-friendly design that not only differentiates the brand but also addresses the practical needs of consumers. The existing canister was generic and lacked the ability to stand out in the market. Additionally, the vital measuring scoop was buried within the sticky powdered formula during the canning process, causing an inconvenience for consumers. We were to develop a distinctive structural packaging aesthetic while ensuring that the package design features align with consumer preferences and ease of use.


Product Ventures took a comprehensive approach by conducting extensive in-house ethnographic research and consumer workshops to gain insights into consumer preferences and needs. Leveraging our expertise in industrial design and iterative prototyping, the interdisciplinary team identified packaging features that would make the new Similac SimplePac™ a revolutionary solution. The new design aimed to “lend mom a hand” by enabling one-handed use through an incorporated grip and hinged lid.

The container’s proportions were optimized for efficient storage and handling, with rounded corners that matched the contour of the measuring scoop, ensuring that consumers could easily access every bit of formula. The intuitive scoop holster built into the lid eliminates the need to dig for the scoop manually. This innovative SimplePac package design set a new standard in the pediatric formula category, offering a user-friendly, convenient, and distinct packaging solution.


Product Ventures successfully developed the Similac SimplePac™, a breakthrough in pediatric formula packaging. This design incorporated an easy-to-use grip, a hinged lid, and thoughtful proportions for efficient handling and storage. The rounded corners of the container matched the scoop’s contour, making it effortless for consumers to access every bit of formula within the container. The intuitive scoop holster within the lid added to the convenience, preventing consumers getting sticky fingers. This innovative structural packaging design set a new standard in the pediatric formula category, meeting consumer needs and differentiating the Similac®brand in the market.

Ameristar Award – Best of Show

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