photo of JaxJox Smart Foam Roller product design

JAXJOX Smart Foam Roller


Product Ventures was enlisted to help develop the look and feel of the world’s first Smart Foam Roller. The Smart Foam Roller promotes an active lifestyle through its connected muscle recovery system within the convenience of the home.  Product Ventures established an approachable look and ergonomic feel for this line of connected fitness gear, including the Smart Foam Roller, Interactive Fitness Studio, and Smart Kettlebell. This design aesthetic was a purposeful departure from the clunky, overtly masculine, and intimidating look of yesterday’s fitness gear. 

The Smart Foam Roller features three distinct massage zones to address diverse muscle recovery options and five vibration intensities to promote muscle recovery, alleviate muscle soreness, and prevent muscle injury. This revolutionary product replaces standard foam rollers and massagers into a versatile, easy to use, and space-saving solution. Bluetooth connectivity and the app enables personal training in the palm of your hand. The roller can connect to smart phones and pair with GoogleFit and Apple products. Users can track their workout recoveries through the roller’s internal smart sensors to keep users fit and engaged.

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