photo of JaxJox Interactive Studio product design

JAXJOX Interactive Fitness Studio


Product Ventures was enlisted to help develop the brand language and aesthetics for the Interactive Fitness Studio. The Interactive Fitness Studio promotes an active lifestyle through its connected workouts within the convenience of the home. Product Ventures established the 3D branding and a sleek design aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into almost any room’s décor. This design aesthetic was a purposeful departure from the clunky, overtly masculine, and intimidating look of yesterday’s fitness gear. 

The Interactive Fitness Studio features all the exercise equipment any fitness enthusiast needs, including the Smart Kettlebell, Smart Foam Roller, Smart Dumbbells, Smart Pushup Bar, and the ergonomic grip-point actuated water bottle. A 43-inch touchscreen can rotate and tilt so users can watch and participate in connected workouts from the floor or for standing exercises. This workout studio consolidates fitness gear and replaces 6 kettlebells, 15 dumbbells, and includes up to 142 pounds of adjustable weights. Bluetooth connectivity and the app enables personal training in the palm of the hand. Users can track their workouts through the equipment’s internal smart sensors to stay fit and engaged.

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