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JAXJOX Interactive Fitness Studio



JAXJOX sought to promote an active lifestyle through connected workouts within the convenience of one’s home with their Interactive Fitness Studio. Product Ventures was engaged to develop the brand language and aesthetics for this fitness solution, creating a design that seamlessly integrated into various room decors. The aim was to depart from the outdated, bulky, masculine, and intimidating appearance of traditional fitness equipment.


Our main challenge was to establish a 3D branding design and a sleek aesthetic that could redefine the visual appeal of fitness gear while maintaining a user-friendly and approachable appearance. The goal was for us to consolidate various pieces of exercise equipment, making it more accessible for every fitness enthusiast and incorporating cutting-edge technology for a personalized training experience.


Product Ventures addressed this by leveraging expertise in branding strategy and structural aesthetic design. We developed a design that departed from the traditional, clunky fitness equipment, introducing a more modern and inviting appeal. The equipment’s internal smart sensors enable users to track their workouts within an app, promoting fitness and healthy engagement. This approach effectively brought a new dimension to the fitness industry, making it more appealing and accessible to users within their own homes.


Product Ventures successfully delivered a fitness solution that redefined the aesthetics and functionality of fitness equipment. The JAXJOX Interactive Fitness Studio features a comprehensive range of exercise equipment, including the Smart Kettlebell, Smart Foam Roller, Smart Dumbbells, Smart Pushup Bar, and an ergonomic grip-point actuated Sport Water Bottle. A 43-inch touchscreen allows users to engage in connected workouts, while the equipment consolidates multiple exercise tools and includes adjustable weights.

This sleek and modern design departed from the intimidating appearance of traditional gear, making fitness more accessible and user-friendly. The consolidation of exercise tools and integration of advanced technology, such as Bluetooth connectivity and a fitness app, allows for personalized training experiences in the comfort of one’s own home.

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