Cambio Roasters Eco-Friendly Packaging Design

photo of Cambio packaging design

Packaging of the World recently showcased the structural packaging design Product Ventures developed with with Cambio Roasters. Product Ventures helped Cambio Roasters visually translate their brand mission into a retail package that stands out from the crowd of K-Cups®. Product Ventures worked with Cambio to develop an easy to use and sustainable packaging design. (more)

Product Ventures successfully delivered a holistic design that not only conveyed Cambio’s commitment to sustainability but also created a memorable retail experience for consumers. The rough-textured molded pulp and informative cards showcase the brand’s mission and help differentiate the product against competitors on the shelf. The packaging efficiently holds up to 27 coffee pods in a space-saving container suitable for storage on kitchen counters or in pantry cabinets. When it’s time for disposal, the eco-friendly package can be easily recycled or composted. This design effectively communicated Cambio Roasters’ brand values and provided a unique and delightful retail experience for consumers. These recyclable pods support coffee farmers while also delivering exceptional quality coffee.

Read more in the case study here.

Celebrating 30 Years!

Exciting News: Product Ventures is acquired by CPG private investor group led by Sean Bisceglia