Packaging Design Award: Blue Buffalo Pet Food Singles

The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) has recognized Product Ventures’ work with Generals Mills in the 2022 AmeriStar Awards for Best in Show and Design Excellence. Both awards were for Product Ventures’ collaboration with General Mills on the Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Spoonless Singles released to the public earlier this year.

“The polypropylene, recyclable cup easily breaks in half, allowing for flexible feeding options and reducing the ned to store half-opened containers in the refrigerator,” said IoPP in their official release about the 2022 AmeriStar Awards.

The Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Spoonless Singles gives consumers the ability to remove pet food product from its container with minimal or no contact. With a simple push at the bottom of the container (or by squeezing the sides) the packaging breaks the surface tension with the pet food product and releases it from the container. The package design includes a built-in disposable plastic fork so consumers can chop pet food for their favorite furry friend.

This is the second AmeriStar Best in Show Award Product Ventures has won in the past three years. The agency was previously recognized by the AmeriStar Awards in 2020 for its work on Gorilla Glue’s Micro Precise. That same year AmsiterStar recognized Product Ventures’ work on ArmorAll for Structural Design. The Gorilla Glue Micro Precise has since won the Worldstar Global Packaging Award in 2022 — earlier this year.

More details of Product Ventures’ approach to this project available in our case study.

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