New Work: Plenity Packaging Design

Product Ventures ‘ packaging design  for Gelesis’ Plenity is now available to the public. Plenity is a FDA-cleared weight loss aid that takes up space in your stomach and helps you feel fuller at meal time throughout the day. Product Ventures designed the secondary packaging for Plenity’s single dose pods and the premium unboxing experience for the initial “welcome” kit. Plenity launched in late 2021 and has reported an anticipated new product revenue of $58 million in its first year of launch.

To provide a premium experience, Product Ventures developed multiple prototypes of the “welcome” kit and different prototypes of the containers meant to hold the Plenity pods. The final design was an aluminum container that held a lightweight “sleeve” that organized the pods and slid into the container. This design allowed for the durable container to be shipped once in the “welcome” kit, while subsequent packages would simply ship additional lightweight sleeves holding Plenity pods without additional containers. This reduced the amount of materials needed for refill packages and the cost of goods for shipping refill packages to consumers.

More details of Product Ventures’ approach to this project available in our case study.

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