photo of Cascade package design




Proctor & Gamble developed an innovative and groundbreaking product formulation for automatic dishwashing, known as Cascade Complete. To effectively convey the product’s high-performance characteristics, it was essential to establish a distinctive visual presence in the retail environment.


Our objective at Product Ventures was to design a bottle shape that could effectively represent the unique attributes of the new Cascade Complete formula. Additionally, we needed to incorporate features that enhance consumer usability and provide an added value to the package design. It was crucial for us to meet stringent manufacturing constraints while maintaining a consistent family aesthetic when designing all four bottle SKUs.


Product Ventures tackled these challenges by optimizing a contemporary bottle design that reflected Cascade Complete’s high-performance characteristics while including the proper function for the consumer. We meticulously worked with Proctor & Gamble to ensure the structural design of the new product line provided efficient manufacturing capabilities and product stability.


This project resulted in an impactful and distinctive structural package design that effectively conveyed the high-performance nature of Cascade Complete. The new bottle shape not only enhanced consumer usability but also met manufacturing requirements. This design successfully differentiated Cascade Complete on the retail shelf and contributed to the product’s overall visual appeal and functionality.

photo of Cascade package design

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