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MasterFoods aimed to tap into the Asian food market by introducing a line of restaurant quality snacks and meal enhancers, such as sauces and spices. They sought to position their products as premium offerings and enhance the consumer experience through an innovative packaging design.


Product Ventures was tasked with developing a range of designs that would effectively leverage the premium nature of MasterFoods’ products while also engaging consumers through a unique packaging style. The challenge was to create designs that not only conveyed the high quality of the items but also enticed customers to engage with the packaging.  


Product Ventures conducted consumer workshops and research to gain insights into the preferences and expectations of the target audience. After extensive research focused on the packaging design, we decided to leverage the die-cut technique and implemented a unique shingling approach for the spice packets. This design choice provided a visually enticing view into the contents, showcasing the trio of flavorful spices contained within. By employing this method, Product Ventures aimed to capture the attention of consumers and create an element of excitement and anticipation for the product.

The package design not only showcased the product but also emphasized its premium nature. The use of die-cutting techniques added an element of sophistication, making the packaging stand out on the shelves and conveying a sense of elegant style. The combination of high-quality spices, engaging packaging, and a focus on consumer experience aimed to differentiate MasterFoods’ offerings from competitors in the Asian food market.


MasterFoods successfully entered the Asian food market with their range of restaurant-quality snacks and meal enhancers. The innovative packaging design developed by Product Ventures played a significant role in attracting consumer attention and generating interest in the products. The die-cut packaging and shingling technique provided a unique and engaging visual experience, enhancing the overall consumer journey.

The market response to MasterFoods’ products was positive, with consumers appreciating the premium quality and interactive packaging. The brand’s successful entry into the Asian food market solidified its position as a provider of high-quality, engaging food products. MasterFoods effectively differentiated itself from competitors and established a strong presence in the Asian food market.

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