photo of Dasani Drops package design

Dasani Drops



The Coca-Cola company sought Product Ventures’ expertise for the package design of their new product, Dasani Drops™ – a portable flavor enhancing concentrate for their Dasani® Brand.


The challenge was to create innovative packaging that effectively communicated the burst of flavor and personalized taste experience offered by Dasani Drops™, while also maximizing function.


Product Ventures developed a innovative and portable 1.9 FL OZ bottle design with a droplet-inspired silhouette and an easy-to-use flip top cap. The dynamic graphics of plunging fruit conveyed the product’s engaging story.


Product Venture’s holistic package design presentation successfully established sub-brand communication and effectively conveyed the vibrant nature of Dasani Drops™. This new zero-calorie liquid beverage enhancer adds a veritable burst of flavor when added to water, creating a personalized taste experience that is brought to life through the dynamic packaging design and graphics of plunging fruit. 

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