Juicy Juice Packaging Design and Rebrand


Harvest Hill Beverage Company approached Product Ventures for the graphics overhaul of the Juicy Juice brand including new brand mark and packaging design for the full brand portfolio of 100 SKU’s. Seeking to effectively target today’s millennial mom, the new Juicy Juice packaging design embraces authenticity and goodness without losing flavorful appeal, delivering on the promise of “goodness made juicy.” Through the development of a more wholesome logo design and packaging graphics that evoke goodness and honesty of ingredients without compromising flavor, Product Ventures has helped bring much-needed relevance to the Juicy Juice brand for today’s parents. Read all about Juicy Juice’s rebranding in Ad Age.

photograph comparing juicy juice branding before and aftergraphic of juicy juice rebrandphotograph of juicy juice products with rebranding photograph of juicy juice products with rebranding