photo of Stuart Leslie

Stuart Leslie

VP Industrial Design

Stuart leads the industrial design department at Product Ventures and has been innovating for the world’s biggest brands for over 35 years.  He is known for his early innovations in category disrupting structures including the drain back Liquid Tide bottle while at Deskey Associates in the ‘80s, and later heading up the New York design office for Teague in the ‘90s. Before joining Product Ventures, he founded the industrial design firm 4sight Inc. and led the company for 25 years to deliver transformative ideas that consistently succeeded in the marketplace. As an industrial designer, Stuart has built his reputation by creating groundbreaking structural designs and life-changing product innovations. Through constant challenge and reinvention, Stuart has always shepherded his team to develop innovative design solutions and solve the seemingly unsolvable. Stuart brings an eye for breakthrough innovations, an acumen for maximizing client profitability through design, and a consumer-focused approach toward sustainability improvements in packaging. Stuart has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The CBS Early Show, Fast Company and AdWeek, and has written for numerous trade publications.